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In less than 30 days, you can increase your sales and profits, risk-free, by adding PalmBeach Jewelry and Fragrances to your web site and catalog. Does this sound too good to be true?

Well, it has been true for many major U.S. catalogers and retailers including JCPenney, Blair, Chadwick's, Woman Within, Roaman's, Newport News, Norm Thompson and AAFES, as well as many of the largest mail order and retail companies in Europe, South Africa, Asia, Australia and Canada. Increased competition for a share of your customer's pocketbook coupled with continually escalating operating costs have made it increasingly difficult to sustain or enhance profits.

There is no better time to explore how a strategic and risk-free syndication alliance with Seta Corporation can help you meet and exceed your budget goals for the coming year and beyond! For more details on the specifics of how our risk-free syndication program works please click on the programs you are most interested.

If you would like to discuss how a custom test plan, using any or all of the programs, can be developed for you, as well as a potential rollout pro forma.

On-Web Program Microsite Program On Page Program
Take advantage of this quick-to-implement program from Seta today and begin to reap the benefits of your own online jewelry store. Simply load our beautiful product shots, prepared to your specifications, and fully formatted web copy on your website and you have instantly added a new category to your site.

This exciting promotion enables you to gain an increased share of your customer's pocketbook through synergistic category extensions... Read More

This is the newest shopping channel from Seta. We provide a portal on your site that allows your customer to take advantage of our complex search and refinement tools to easily shop fragrances and jewelry. Once they've made their selections, using our shared-shopping cart technology, the customer completes their checkout on your site. This allows your customers to experience the premier online shopping experience Seta offers its customers, while still allowing just one shopping cart and a single checkout. .. Read More
Seta makes any of its numerous product offers available to you to use in any of your catalogs or other promotional formats. Seta will customize as many pages as you would like, with whatever merchandise assortment you prefer and build the pages, from photography, type and layout, using the page template you provide for us. Seta will provide you with files ready to print, and pay all incremental costs associated with these pages. To your customers, this offer will look like one of your pages, rather than being a separately mailed offer... Read More
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